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SEO Search Engine Optimisation ServicesIf you have website and need to attract visitors to it, then you simply cannot afford to ignore Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

You’ve just spent hundreds – or more likely thousands – on creating your new website. You don’t do any search engine optimisation. You wait… and wait… for the visitors to arrive and yet they don’t come.

It’s comparable to building a fantastic shop then placing it on a remote island, where shoppers very rarely visit. By employing SEO services, you’ll have the equivalent of a shop in London’s Oxford Street – where the visitors will flood in.

At Parker Ward we can help boost your web traffic, but not just increasing visitors – by carefully targeting the campaign, we’ll ensure that you get better-qualified visitors – particularly as they will have searched for keywords and phrases that are most appropriate to your offerings. This will make them far more likely to find your website relevant.

What’s more, being a full-service agency, we can dovetail PR into your SEO campaign to really gain you maximum return on your investment.

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Analysis and Reporting

We provide you with tailor-made analysis and reports to show you just how your campaign is performing. Furthermore, we’ll monitor your competitors and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you stay ahead of the game.

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We can also assist in delivering paid-for web advertising campaigns – but we always recommend that our clients ensure that they have fully exploited their opportunities to maximise their free ‘organic’ ranking on the search engines before resorting to Pay-per-Click.

When done properly, SEO offers website owners much better value for money.

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