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Building a solid reputation and a successful brand takes skill, imagination and effort. We know because that’s what we do. Well-executed public relations, or PR, can have a powerful impact on a company’s profile, its reputation and, ultimately, its success. Look at great brands and you will see great PR.

At Parker Ward we don’t do ‘fluffy’ PR because you don’t need it and neither do we. Instead we talk to you, find out what you need, agree a plan of action and get on with it.

Our approach is refreshing, honest and creative. Our people are a brilliant mix of experience and skills drawn from marketing communications, journalism and PR. Our experience covers just about every business sector – from food and drink to automotive; from renewable energy to distribution and logistics. We know what we’re doing and, by way of a bonus, we’re fun to work with.

We are based in the beautiful town of Shrewsbury, Shropshire and we have built up a reputation as one of the foremost public relations agencies in the Midlands.

district-heating-pipe-installationBusiness Experience

Our experience with business campaigns has included: energy, heating, ventilating, renewable energy, sustainable building, construction, software, power generation, transport, IT, communications, white goods, environmental, district heating and combined heat and power.



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Consumer Experience

Our experience with consumer campaigns has included: visitor attractions, leisure, consumer electronics, tourism, software, food and drink retailing, food producers, DIY, construction, brewing, wine, legal services, financial services, fashion, white goods, events and competitions.



social media iconsSocial Media

Although we are very experienced in traditional print and broadcast media, we’re probably ahead of the game when it comes to the use of the internet and social media to help our clients reach their target audience.


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